Mairie de Saugues - Haute-Loire

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Mairie de Saugues - Haute-Loire

Sur les chemins du Gévaudan


Mairie de Saugues - Haute-Loire

Activités & Loisirs



  • The Beast of Gévaudan Museum
    A unique place entirely dedicated to the Beast of Gévaudan, his story and the lands he visited. Over 150,000 people have...
  • English Tower
    This 12th century tower is a work of military architecture from the Middle-Ages, of great interest it was classified a...
  • The Clauze Polygonal Tower
    This tower, perched on its ancient granite base, has guarded over the Saugues region since the 14th century.
  • Esplantas Castle and Tower
    The 13th century Esplantas Castle & Tower allows the visitor to experience medieval times.
  • The Montchauvet Archaeological Site
    Perched at over 1,200m altitude, this deserted village remains an enigma to this day.
  • St Bénilde Diorama
    “Maison Sainte Bénilde” hosts a diorama of sound and light retracing the life of Pierre Romancon who lived in Saugues for...
  • St Médard Collegiate
    A Romanesque church (early XIII century), which underwent several extensions over the centuries. Of special interest : the...
  • The Roman Chapel of Notre Dame d’Estours
    Overlooking the Gorges of Seuge, set in a landscape both wild and picturesque. - Charraix and its surprising “croix de...