Mairie de Saugues - Haute-Loire

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Mairie de Saugues - Haute-Loire

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Mairie de Saugues - Haute-Loire

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Population  : 2.050 habitants

Area : 7.879 acres

Altitude : 960 metres

« Fervent, wild, true…»

Saugues is no touristic cliché. It is not a “land of contrasts”, but one great place, fervent as a volcano, wild as a medieval forest, A place where we can breath, can love, can walk, can be content. Though the campsite has four stars the night sky has thousands to enchant, There is a soul to this place with a historical past, religious faith, and legends which await at the crossroads, the mountain alters, near the trout stream and poetic countryside of pine, rowans, broom and heather”,

Robert Sabatier of the Concourt Academy

On its granite plateau on the flank of the Margeride mountains (1484m altitude)
and dominating the Allier gorges (599 meters), Saugues is of particular interest to tourists. Bordering 3 departments: Haute-Loire, Lozère and Cantal, Saugues has carefully minded its most precious treasure, nature. 

"Nature that is fascinating, alive, and mysterious."

Stories of yesteryear recounted through the architectural heritage fuse with stories of tomorrow in this rich land of encounters and surprises…
Saugues is a welcoming place where natural charm meets modernity, where authenticity and quality of life are of paramount.